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subota, kolovoz 24, 2013

LIFE is sometimes brutal.


I stil remember, 20 years ago, this early morning, when Croatian radio, telling us that basketball player Drazen Petrovic, died in fatal car accident in Southern Germany. The best ever, european player in NBA history. Emotions were unbelieavable, as Croatia still leaves this tragedy, year and year, not only, with more then 3,000 candles on his grave, each Novemeber 01.


Then, on ATP Rijeka tennis tournament, in 2009, by rear occassion, I was the last who ever took picture of tenis player Montcourt. And listening his dispute with my Slovenian friend, player, Blaz Kavcic. Just 24 hours later, we were all shocked with the tragic news, that Montcourt girlfriend found him dead in his appartment near Boulogna forest in Paris?? Can you believe it?? See all on


And now, so young, so nice, Vesna Rozic, at age 26. Last time I saw her, was in Solaris Sibenik, where she played for Slovenia, in MITROPA Coup. Unfortunately, exchange just one sentence,as her friend, Jana Krivec would not speak with me, so that Vesna must listen Jana.

Recently we reported Slovenian WIM Vesna Rozic was diagnosed with metastatic peritoneal cancer. The help from the chess community was not enough as Vesna has passed away.

Why did You take Vesna??


VESNA, lahko ti samo sele sporocim,da sam izjemoma potresen sa zalno novico in so tvojim odhodom. Solze mi teku na porti hotel DELTA La Ville Montreal, gdje pisem ovaj IN MEMORIAM. In gde so nedavno, bili tvoji slovenski para plavalci, in tenisac Gregor Zemlja.


I do not know, from which country is Marianas Variety, which published so nice about Vesna.I am now making copy of thisRemembering Vesna

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THE Slovenian Chess Federation lost their Board No. 2 WIM Vesna Rozic, who sadly lost her battle with cancer.

Vesna was well known in the chess community throughout Europe and other parts of the world, so her passing came as a shock to us all.

In memory of her, I will present some games that she has played against some of the best players in the world against women. Vesna also played in four chess Olympiads in the years 2002, 2008, 2010 and 2012. Here are Vesna’s games against some of the best.

WIM Vesna Rozic vs. WGM Anna Rudolf

1. d4 e6 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Bf4 c5 4. c3 b6 5. e3 Bb7 6. Nbd2 Be7 7. h3 O-O 8. Bd3 cxd4 9. cxd4 Nd5 10. Bh2 Nb4 11. Be2 d5 12. a3 N4c6 13. Rc1 Nd7 14. O-O a6 15. b4 Rc8 16. Nb3 Ndb8 17. Rc2 Bd6 18. Bxd6 Qxd6 19. Qd2 Na7 20. Rfc1 Rxc2 21. Rxc2 Bc6 22. Qc3 Rc8 23. Bd3 f6 24. Qb2 Bb5 25. Rxc8+ Nxc8 26. Bxh7+ Kxh7 27. Qc2+ Kg8 28. Qxc8+ Kf7 29. Nbd2 Nc6 30. h4 Ne7 31. Qb7 Kg6 32. e4 dxe4 33. Qxe4+ Kf7 34. h5 Kg8 35. Qg4 Kh7 36. Ne4 Qc6 37. Qf4 Bd3 38. Nxf6+ gxf6 39. Qxf6 Qe8 40. Ng5+ Kg8 41. Qxe6+ Kf8 42. Qf6+ Kg8 43. h6 Qf8 44. h7+ Bxh7 45. Qxf8+ Kxf8 46. Nxh7+ Kg7 47. Ng5 Kf6 48. Ne4+ Ke6 49. Nc3 Nf5 50. Na4 b5 51. Nc5+ Kd5 52. Nxa6 Nxd4 53. f3 Kd6 54. Kf2 Nc2 55. g4 Nxa3 56. f4 Nc4 57. Nc5 Nb6 58. Kf3 Nd5 59. Nd3 Ke6 60. f5+ Kf6 61. Ke4 Nc3+ 62. Kd4 Ne2+ 63. Kc5 Nc3 64. Nf4 Kg5 65. Nd5 Ne4+ 66. Kxb5 Kxg4 67. f6 Kf5 68. Kc6 Ke6 69. b5 Nd6 70. b6 Nf7 71. b7 Ne5+ 72. Kc7 1-0

WIM Vesna Rozic vs. FM Marian Kastelic

1. d4 g6 2. Nf3 Bg7 3. c3 d5 4. Bf4 Nd7 5. Nbd2 Ngf6 6. e3 O-O 7. h3 c5 8. Bd3 b6 9. O-O Bb7 10. Ne5 Ne8 11. Bh2 f6 12. Nxd7 Qxd7 13. f4 Nd6 14. Nf3 Rac8 15. Qe2 c4 16. Bc2 Bc6 17. Nd2 f5 18. Nf3 Ba4 19. Bb1 a5 20. Ne5 Qb7 21. g4 Bd7 22. Bc2 b5 23. Rab1 b4 24. g5 Bb5 25. Bd1 Bxe5 26. fxe5 Ne4 27. Bc2 Nxg5 28. Qg2 Ne4 29. Bxe4 fxe4 30. Bf4 Rf5 31. h4 Bd7 32. Bh6 Be6 33. Qg3 Qd7 34. a3 Rxf1+ 35. Rxf1 Bg4 36. axb4 axb4 37. cxb4 Bf3 38. Ra1 Kf7 39. Ra6 Qg4 40. e6+ Kf6 41. Qxg4 Bxg4 42. Bg5+ Kf5 43. Bxe7 Re8 44. Bg5 Rxe6 45. b5 Be2 46. b6 c3 47. b7 Re8 48. Rf6+ Kg4 49. bxc3 Rb8 50. Rb6 Ba6 51. Rxa6 Rxb7 52. Kf2 Kh5 53. Ra8 Rc7 54. Rh8 Kg4 55. Ke2 Rf7 56. c4 dxc4 57. Kd2 Kh5 58. Kc3 Rc7 59. d5 Rc5 60. Rxh7+ Kg4 61. d6 1-0

WIM Vesna Rozic, may you rest in peace. You are gone, but you are never forgotten.

After Island of Guam, even Brasil gives today, September 05, tribute to Vesna.

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My deepest condolence to family Rozic and Slovenian chess community.Photo: She has the most delicate face and the brightest eyes - No photoshop needed

David Llada official photographer Istambul 2012
She has the most delicate face and the brightest eyes - No photoshop needed — with Vesna Rožič.Moj zadnji susret s Vesno, MITROPA , maj 2012, SOLARIS

Hikaru Nakamura@GMHikaru23 Aug     RIP Vesna Rozic. A true reminder of how special and fragile life is.

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