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nedjelja, srpanj 28, 2013

This famous Bejalouis slogan is not taken occassionaly. As wine arrive always on third thursday in November, so that Quebec chess open always arrives on third sunday in July! And just around the day of beginning of Olypmic games in Montreal, 1976.


Je ne parlois Francois bien, thus I must write superlatives about this chess tournament in english language. This Montreal tournament remind me on most famous chess open, I have ever played. Vienna 2003, which was hold in famous Viennna Rathaus and young Karjakin and old Kortschnoi were taken chance in Open too. Although , they have never played ''Opens''.

This Montreal event is even better, first of all, as venue, old Jean de Brebuf college, is better then Vienna Rathaus, as it has much better quality of air in this Montreal's warm and moisture days. As was in Vienna August 2013, all days over 30 C degrees and we were all wet as City prohibited such old Vienna buildings to have air condition devices, no window to open, etc.

And Montreal, opposite to Vienna, and Canadian Open in Ottawa, has invitational section, what is wonderful. I know that will be always chess players asking for equal chances, which bring me, on example, draws with grandmasters Vlado Kovachevic, Ibro Saric, and Dizdarevic, but I am also at thinking not to mix top players with us amateurs. I am known to make parallels between chess and other sports, mainly tenis. This time, I will make with golf. On just finished Britished Open in Scotland, won first time by famous Phil Michleson, it was just one amateur golf player, Porthouse, allowed to play. As he won amongst other 200 best amateur golf players.

Other advantage of Montreal tournament, is the start of last two rounds. They are played on Saturday and Sunday, at 11:00 hour. This is what all other ''crazy'' European chess tournament must learn!! Immidiately.


As I am the only one, who actively wanted to change European anti human chess schedule. And succeded only in Pula Open, which changed since 2007 year. But, I complained strongly at organiser of Lienz Open 2007, as how you can have so good schedule each day, at 18.00 hour ( same as Montreal does each day), and then suddenly, last round at 0900??? This is sick.

And what's happen in Lienz in 2013?? This is bi-annual tournament, as well as my mentioned Vienna Open takes place each 3-4 year!! Leading top 3 grandmasters did not arrive on last round, and lost without playing on first 3 tables. Congratulation organiser. Are you happy??


Only things which can be changed in Montreal are:


  1. to repair washroom as this one is far from Canadian standards, too small, not enouh, and relatively fair from playing venue.

  2. To attract more women to play, as there are only 5 playing, out of approx. 200 players.

  3. To have 10 rounds, as it has maybe the most atractive European Open, Gibraltar Open. It is far best Canadian tournament which should have 1 day more. Neverhteless, all top GM, arrived from Ottawa, 2 days before Montreal start.

As I remember each Open by somebody, say, Bled 2002, by then, only 12 years old, Nepomniachtchi, Ian with mother and coach Janewski, Vienna Open 2003, by ashamed young Sergey Karjakin, and his nice looking mother, Lienay 2007, by Argentinian GM Felgaer and one Chilean journalist who arrived there from Gibraltar Open, and was almost frozen due to lack of winter clothes. Better was Israeli GM Evgeny Postny, but this was last time that Lienz attracted GM from long distance countries.



Montreal 2013, I will remember for sure by Anton Kovalyov, 21 years old grand master without country? Born in Harkov, Ukraine ( I know well all this Lavov chess group, family Muzychuk, Romanishin, Mihalchisin), but was leaving there for short time. Last years he has been leaving in Montreal, used to play for Argentina, as Felgaer, but last year Kovalyov did not play for any country??

I met him 2 weeks before Quebec Open, on Caffe PI blitz, where he beat me both games, first one in last seconds of time, and as I did even now with whom I played, I asked him for rating. As I understood 2060, I told him '' so close to my, and you play too too good. '' He responded me '' not 2060, little over 2600 ELO. Then I thought that he is laying me as there is not such chess palyer in Canada.

Kovalyov did not blew in Round 1, against weaker player, but instead of moving rook to c7, from c8, his rook falled down on d8, and he will be mated on f7!!

He resigned and win 5 consecutive games, and has share leading position before last round!! What achievment. I will not evaluate now Kovalyov, as I did in 2002 for Nepomniatchi as I told that he will be new world champion. But Zdenko Kozul, most known Croatian GM, told in 2004, after finishing Lybia world chess Candidates, that Carlssen who played there, will be the new Chess king!!

But Kovalyov is so much strong in his head.


Another most interested moment, was to see FM Robert Hamilton, after 25 years, who was co-organisng World Chess Championship 1987, in my and his province of New Brunswick. This was held in Saint John, N.B and has been strongest and biggest chess tournament in history of North America. Kasparov and Karpov were there too!

Rober Hamilton, FM, 25 years after we saw last tme. Coorganiser of Saint Jon, N.B., CANDDIATES matches, kasparov and Karpov played, and Worl Chess Open, 1987

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