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srijeda, siječanj 22, 2014

 Marie-Michele Gagnon, before bungee jump in New Zealnd, during summer camp 2013.


Eugenie Bouchard from Montreal ( wrongly everywhere written Westmount,would you call men native from N.Y, Bronx or Manhattan???) and Marie-Michele Gagnon, from Lac-Etchemin, make Quebec proud this days. New benchmarks in Canadian sport history, comes from Quebec.

 Nice Bouchard picture from Wimbeldon 2013. As she beated Ivanovich in quarter final, she made the only mistake in last seconds, but of after fame. As she told full stadion that she would like to date Justin Bieber??

 First ever win of Canadian female skier in World Cup, and first ever Canadian entering semi final, on Australian tenis Open.

 If we add, that Qubecose Eric Guay will bring Canadian flag to Sochi Olympic Stadion, that Quebecose snowboarder are among top favorites, at least some celebration for poor Montreal and Quebec.

 As Melanie Joly, runner-up for Major of Montreal told on Concordia Loyola Campus, in 2013,  '' Manchester City and Montreal are the worst Megapolisis in G-20 Group. Even, with higher unemployment rate, then their countries??

 Among 103 Canadian Boom Cities, first is expected, Calgary, and only one from East Canada in Top 10, is just tenth, Saguenay from Quebec, as Montreal finished on shamed 71 position!!

 So that, it's nice to see, that Journal de Montreal, gave front page to Marie-Michele Gagnon, as well as 2 pages more in Sport part. As I have seen up to now, in my already 9 months in Montreal, that Canadian Media do not care much for alpine skiing.

 Thus, as ski teacher from Croatie, friend with famous Kostelic family, who is second best ski family, in history of world alpine skiing, I am dissapointeed. But, at least, I know, from North America perspecitve, that tennis is global sport, but Alpine skiing not. Now, I understand misunderstanding of father of famous Janica Kostelic, Ante Kostelic, who was so angry, when Jennifer Capriati, not Janica, was named as Laureus World Sports Award for Sportswoman of the Year in 2002. Fortunately, Janica will get this award, for olympic Year 2006.

 What to say more, as Canadian TV did not transmit live, even own Race from Lake Louise. In this 2014, I had to watch first for me strange live coverage of skeleton from Calgray, and after 1,5 hour, men's downhill race from nearby Lake Louise, which was live when we had to watch Skeleton???

Now, it's clear when many years ago, Bode Miller told Media, how ordinary people recognize him, much better, on streets of Vienna,Paris or Milano, then on streets of New York or Los Angeles, at home country, USA??

 Janica Kostelic with 3 gold and 1 silver from Salt Lake City, Lake Placid 2002.




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